Weight Loss & Detox


Every day we are consuming more pollutants and toxins from our food and the environment than ever before, putting our organs under even more pressure to process them. The more toxins your body absorbs, the harder it becomes to detoxify naturally.

Detox (short for detoxification) is based on the concept that your body needs help to get rid of unwanted toxins from contaminants absorbed from processed foods and the environment. In theory, once free of toxins, your body functions better and your metabolism soars so you can shed those extra pounds and improve healthy body function.

Detox treatments are designed to eliminate the build-up of waste toxins in your body and also boost the body’s natural detoxification process so it can function more effectively. In a natural state, your body should detoxify itself quite naturally. The liver, kidneys, skin and lymph system are all vitally important to this process. The liver, the largest detoxifying organ in the body, processes toxins and then passes them on to the kidneys or skin to be excreted from the body. But if toxins build up, the organs cannot process them quickly enough and the natural process of detoxification slows down, making you feel sluggish, tired and stressed.

Detox treatments have best results when combined with detox meal plans. After completing a detox plan you should notice you have clearer skin, some weight loss, more energy, less cellulite, and you should be feeling more relaxed. Your immune system has also received a boost, as there are fewer toxins to fight in your body.

Treatments – please click on treatment for more information

Thermal Detox Mask & Cellulite Scrub
 The treatment begins snuggled in a robe sipping tea in our private lounge. You are greeted and escorted to our detox wrap room and snuggled under a warm duvet.   An exfoliation using our SEA SALT SCRUB  removes dead skin and prepares the skin for deep penetration of targeted product!  Next targeted areas are covered in a warm detoxifying mud and the body is wrapped in a heated infrared blanket.  While the product penetrates the problem areas,  the guest is treated to a relaxing head & scalp massage.  After a warm refreshing shower,  you return to the warm bed and we begin a cellulite-targeted massage using a cellulite specific, essential oil blend.  We complete the experience with a full body massage and a detox tea in our lounge.

Relax and reduce toxic build up purging your body of the toxins that can cause damage, stress and accelerate aging of the body and mind. Re-mineralize the skin using active marine extracts.

Cost Plan
$149/75 Min Thermal Detox Mask & Cellulite Scrub 75 min Book Now
Detox Day & Juice Cleanse

Detox Day with 4 Juices & Spa Salad.

9:30am – 2:30pm

Cost: $289

Includes –

60 min Registered Massage (with insurance receipt)

30 min Detox Infrared Pod Treatment

30 min Ionic Footbath

30 min Relaxation Scalp Massage

4 Juices & 1 Spa Salad

Expect to spend the entire day relaxing (journalling, reading, reflecting) in our lounge while drinking juice.  There are many periods of downtime with juices so please come prepared with your choice food-for-the-soul  to full embrace and enjoy this time.


Cost Plan
$289/half day Detox Day Juice Cleanse $289 Book Now
Inch Loss Package

Cleanse and detoxify your body through its largest organ, the skin! Our Inch Loss Wrap is named because it allows us to release chemical build up and replace it with food grade minerals that the body is otherwise lacking. The result is a reduction of inches in just one hour. Skin is left smoother, tighter and toned. You might feel lighter, energized and sleep better after releasing the chemical load within your body. It is recommended to undergo 5 treatments in order to attain maximum results, however you will experience results after one session.

The treatment begins snuggled in a robe sipping tea in our private lounge. You are greeted and escorted to our wrap room where you be consulted on the unique areas where you wish to see improvement. You can bring a swimsuit or underwear will be provided for you. Your body is wrapped from your head to your feet using warm bandages that have been soaked in an all-natural mineral solution.  You relax in our INFRARED POD on our detox setting (specialized wave length, colour and heat combination) where the heat allows penetration of the minerals into the skin (note: sometimes the therapist will reverse this order to encourage release of toxins prior to wrap).

Once complete you are unwrapped and escorted to one of our treatment rooms where a 30 min cellulite treatment including specialized cellulite techniques complete the detoxification and body contouring.  By leaving the solution on your skin for the duration of the day, your skin will continue to receive the benefit of the minerals.

FInally, you are snuggled back into your robe and guided (half asleep) back to our lounge where a DETOX TEA awaits.

Benefits: Reduce inches of built up toxins and water retention. Replace toxic build up with natural minerals from the land and sea. Minerals are absorbed through the skin and toxins are released immediately. Skin appearance will improve.

**Buy a 6 Pack $999

Cost Plan
$199/90 Min Inch Loss Package (ILP) Book Now

This treatment is all about the body’s ability to detox through the feet.  We combine our IONIC foot bath treatment with VitaFlex Essential Oil Reflexology.   While snuggled under a blanket, the feet are placed in an ionic bath to pull toxins out through the feet.  As the session continues, the water changes to alert us to toxic overload within the body.  Upon completion, the feet are cleaned and wrapped in a warm towel.  Next recline in a treatment chair with your eyes covered with a beanbag misted with essential oil to relax the senses.  We use pure grade essential oils and apply them to pressure points on the feet.  A specialized and targeted massage relaxes the body and aids in bringing the body into a natural state of health.  The session is completed with a detox tea.


Cost Plan
$99/60min Foot Duo (Detox for the SOLE) Book Now
Weight Loss and Metabolic Reset Pod Experience

The Pod experience begins snuggled in a wrap-robe sipping cold water to hydrate the body pre-treatment. You lay face up in the pod where the technician will customize the settings to optimize the individual desired result of WEIGHTLOSS (temperature is set at 178 degrees /81 degrees). With a waft of aromatherapy you close your eyes as the lid is closed, the machine is switched on and the treatment begins. Your face is outside of the machine and cold air blows at your neck as the rest of your body is gradually warmed inside the pod. Using infrared therapy, heat and LED light therapy your body is brought to a state of detox and metabolic increase. With a built in calorie counter, burning 400-800 calories in a 45 min session is normal. After 8-10 sessions (series available) the body’s metabolic burning set point is increased.

See other infrared therapy pod options available at $39 for 30 min.


Cost Plan
$49/30 Min Detox Pod Experience Book Now
$399/10 Pack Detox Pod Experience 10 pack Book Now
Ionic Foot Spa

The Ionic Foot Spa produces positive and negative ions that reverberate throughout the body to remove toxins and rebalance cellular energy. While the body’s natural electrical impulses flow daily, age, injury, and illness can affect the electrical flow, causing a person to feel unwell. The Ionic Foot Spa, which is not a medical device but rather an instrument of assistance, works to detoxify the body of harmful substances and re-establish its natural balance. Users of the Ionic Foot Spa testify to the healthier, obvious difference they feel after a session.

When experiencing the Ionic Foot bath, you will see the water change color as the electrical current, water, and magnetic field interact with your feet. While the water would change color by itself, the colors are noticeably different with feet in the foot spa and from one person compared to another person.

This treatment is not suitable if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Wear a pulse adjuster, pace maker, metal or other electromagnetism devices
  • Have undergone heart transplantation
  • Have hypertension
  • Are Pregnant
  • Blood cancer patient
  • Diagnosed with serious illness
  • Suffering from fever
Cost Plan
$49/30 Min  Ionic Foot Spa Book Now
VitaFlex Reflexology and Scalp Massage

The treatment begins snuggled in a robe sipping tea in our private lounge. You are greeted and escorted to our candlelit room and snuggled under a warm duvet.   This treatment combines our Esssential Oil Foot treatment which targets the pressure points of the feet, helping to bring the body into alignment AND our Aromatherapy Scalp Massage into one decadent treatment.  We use only the most pure grade of healing essential oils, allowing your body to absorb quality it needs.  Relaxing, balancing and detoxifying.  We complete the experience with a detox tea in our lounge.  This relaxing and detoxifnying  is excellent for a body in need of cleansing, rest & replenishment.

Cost Plan
$119/60 Min VitaFlex Reflexology & Scalp Massage w Essential Oils Book Now

Spa Attire

All spa treatments include the use of a Robe, Towel and Slippers. Your personal items can be stored in a private locker however it is best to leave your valuables at home as we do not take responsibility for lost or stolen items.

Making an Appointment

Appointments can be pre-booked as early as suits your needs. We will need your Gift Card number or Credit Card details in order to make your appointment and confirm your treatment date and time.


Gratuities are completely at the discretion of the guest and should only be provided only if your service exceeds your expectation. If you would like to leave a gratuity for your practitioner, the rate in the industry is similar to that of the restaurant industry (10 to 20%)


We are located in the Longo’s Plaza on the corner of Cornwall and Chartwell in South East Oakville. There is plenty of parking for our guests at the studio, with overflow parking available in the Longo’s car park if required.

Studio Etiquette

Our healing space was designed to treat the body with peace, relaxation and respite from the outside world. We ask all guests to turn off cellphones and leave them in the locker upon arrival at the spa. If your phone is with you, please ensure it is on silent and you do not have phone conversations in the spa area.  We ask that voices are kept to a quiet hush and everyone is respectful of the variety of healing that is occurring within our rooms.


Please arrive 15  minutes prior to all treatment times in order to experience the immersion phase of the treatment which includes pre-treatment Moroccan tea, a consultation and decompression from the outside world.

Cancellation Policy

We require a credit card number to confirm and hold all reservations.  24 hour minimum cancellation is required. Clients who do not arrive on the day of their appointment without having called before 24 hours will be charged in full. We attempt to accommodate late arrival times but if an appointment must be modified due to late arrival, the full booking time and service cost will be payable.