Holistic Treatments & Energy Work


The North American natural health industry has evolved in recent years to incorporate healing modalities from around the world and we are pleased to offer these natural healing techniques into our suite of healing services.

We have incorporated Traditional Chinese Medicine, Holistic Oil Body Treatments, Neuro-Logistic Programming (NLP), Reiki Energy Healing, BIE and Bioenergetics, Holistic Nutrition and a variety of healing workshops to introduce our clients to the world of natural health. For those who know the benefits of these healing techniques you can trust in our experienced, accredited professional team. For those new to some of these modalities we are happy to introduce you to the benefits by utilizing a consultative approach to see if these treatments are right for you on your health and wellness journey.

Some of these healing services are covered under your corporate medical plan. Please ask in the studio for details on how some or all of your treatments might be covered by your health plan.

Treatments – please click on treatment for more information

Bioenergetics BIE

Using a state-of-the-art instrument, a certified BIE practitioner applies a low-frequency energy to various acupuncture points on the body to stimulate and clear blockages and create a homeostatic state. Because BIE reprograms a cell’s response to its environment, BIE’s application is far-reaching. Hormonal imbalances such as hot flashes/PMS, fat metabolism and thyroid imbalances are just a few examples of issues, which can be approached with BIE. The client is exposed to the frequencies of a stressor substance to which the body is sensitive.  While the blockages are clearing, the body’s cells can adapt and recognize the stressing frequency.  When this non-invasive and painless procedure is complete, the body will no longer see the sensitivity or intolerance as a threat when exposed to it, therefore no longer producing any adverse reactions or symptoms.

An BIE treatment plan can benefit the following:
*Immune Repair (Cold, Flu, Allergies)
*Digestive Distress, Influx
*Weight Loss, Food Cravings & Thyroid
*Depression, Lack of Energy, Brain Fog
*Skin Issues (Acne, Eczema, Rashes)
* Headaches & Migraines
* Sleep and Hormone disruption
*Auto-Immume Disease within the body

Cost Plan
$159/75 Min Bioenergetics (BIE) Initial Consult & Assessment Book Now
$79/45 Min Bioenergetics BIE Treatment Session Book Now
 SAVE 10% BIE Treatment Session 3 Pack (save 10%)
Holistic Nutrition

Cost Plan
$159/60 Min Holistic Nutrition Initial Consult & Assessment Book Now
$79/45 Min Holistic Nutrition Treatment Session Book Now

Under the broad banner of energy healing, a Reiki practitioner uses energy to connect the client with inner guidance and intuition. Energy sessions can bring various emotions to the surface, which are worked through, leaving the client peaceful and relaxed. It is said that energy healing ‘clears any blockages preventing you from being your natural self’. The result is negative emotions and beliefs begin to clear away. As your body readjusts, disease and unrest can naturally dissolve. This treatment takes place in a quiet candlelit space where you relax on a massage table under a warmed blanket – the perfect circumstances to relax and quiet the mind. Clients can wear comfortable clothing and expect minimal skin contact during the treatment.

There are 12 main meridians in the body and each meridian is associated with an organ.  These meridians sometimes become blocked and this can cause an imbalance of the mind, body and emotions.   Using acupressure technique, these essential oils are applied to the meridian points while the body and mind are in a state of relaxation.  This practice can improve our health, vitality, emotional balance and overall spiritual wellbeing. All Holistic Oil Massage Treatments takes place in a quiet candlelit space where you recline on a massage table under a warmed blanket – the perfect circumstances to relax and quiet the mind.

Cost Plan
$159/60 Min Reiki Session 75 min Book Now
$189/90 Min Acupressure Meridian Massage w 12 Eqyptian Oils 90 min
 $249/120 Min  Acupressure Meridian Massage w 12 Eqyptian Oils 120 min
Holistic Essential Oil Body Rituals

Enjoy these detox modalities.

Cost Plan
 $119/60 Min  Foot & Scalp Massage w Essential Oils      Book Now
$99/60 Min Detox Duo For the Sole (ionic bath & massage)


Spa Attire

All spa treatments include the use of a Robe, Towel and Slippers. Your personal items can be stored in a private locker however it is best to leave your valuables at home as we do not take responsibility for lost or stolen items.

Making an Appointment

Appointments can be pre-booked as early as suits your needs. We will need your Gift Card number or Credit Card details in order to make your appointment and confirm your treatment date and time.


Gratuities are completely at the discretion of the guest and should only be provided only if your service exceeds your expectation. If you would like to leave a gratuity for your practitioner, the rate in the industry is similar to that of the restaurant industry (10 to 20%)


We are located in the Longo’s Plaza on the corner of Cornwall and Chartwell in South East Oakville. There is plenty of parking for our guests at the studio, with overflow parking available in the Longo’s car park if required.

Studio Etiquette

Our healing space was designed to treat the body with peace, relaxation and respite from the outside world. We ask all guests to turn off cellphones and leave them in the locker upon arrival at the spa. We ask that voices are kept to a quiet hush and everyone is respectful of the variety of healing that is occurring within our rooms.


We add 20 minutes to all treatment times in order to allow our guest to experience the immersion phase of their treatment which includes pre-treatment Moroccan tea, a consultation and decompression from the outside world.

Cancellation Policy

24 hour minimum cancellation is required. Clients who do not arrive on the day of their appointment without having called before 24 hours will be charged in full. We attempt to accommodate late arrival times but if an appointment must be modified due to late arrival, the full booking time and service cost will be payable.