Treatment Menu

Each treatment on our spa menu perfectly blends natural products, holistic touch and luxury to result in a unique, whole-body experience. We have researched the world’s healing therapies and incorporated them into our studio’s treatments to allow our guests to find retreat without ever leaving the neighbourhood. At Zenbar, you will find a Himalayan Salt room and pedicure chairs that recline to zero gravity for the ultimate in relaxation.

With the focus on healing and detoxification, we haven’t forgotten that relaxation is an integral part of the spa experience. All of our healing experiences are performed by experienced holistic practitioners and incorporate luxury products and massage at their core. You can expect scalp, hand or foot massages as a normal part of our spa service protocol, customized to suit your personal preference.

We provide plush robes, slippers, hot tea and impeccable service to ensure that your time with us will exceed your expectations.

Our healing space was designed to treat the body with peace, relaxation and respite from the outside world. We ask all guests to turn off cellphones and leave them in the locker upon arrival at the spa. We ask that voices are kept to a quiet hush and everyone is respectful of the variety of healing that is occurring in our rooms.