Reiki Healing Circle (90 min on each Month) $49

By Zenbar on June 10, 2014 in Workshops

Reiki Healing Circle (90 min workshop)

Various Times & Dates Available.  Call to inquire for upcoming events.

Room: Studio A 

Cost: $49

Reiki Healing Circle

Join us for a very special evening of clearing tension from our energy fields and rebalancing the chakras with our Reiki Master & Energy Healer.

Coming together in a sacred space you will be guided through a personal journey of healing, restoring physical and emotional wellness while developing a deeper inner spiritual connection to self.

Once in a deep state of meditation personal treatments will be administered to heighten and amplify the level of healing, relaxation and intuition.

Empower yourself with the tools to assist with pain, reduce stress, enhance well-being, create alignment, heal illness, release blockages and re-align chakras.

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