Inch Loss Package (ILP) $199

By Zenbar on December 26, 2013 in Spa Packages

2.0 hours $199

The perfect way to kick start or maintain health & vitality.

This inch loss package contains 2 parts


  1. Liquid Inch Loss Wrap (liquid organic, food grade minerals wrapped around the skin to contour and release trapped toxic buildup within the body).
  2. 30 min Detox Pod Experience (using heat and infrared therapy to get toxins moving and warm the body to mimic exercise.)

Finally a detox tea in our lounge.

The results are visible immediately and can be confirmed by measurement.  This treatment is good when a fast reduction in water weight, toxins and inches is desired.  Results can be maintained by following a regimen of health and movement.

** for best results this treatment can be booked in a series of 5 treatments.  Package cost $1099.

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