Foot & Scalp Massage w Essential Oils $119

By Zenbar on January 6, 2017 in Treatment in Spotlight

You begin snuggled in a robe sipping tea in our private lounge. You are greeted and escorted to our candlelit room and snuggled under a warm duvet.

This treatment combines our Esssential Oil Foot treatment which targets the pressure points of the feet, helping to bring the body into alignment AND our Aromatherapy Scalp Massage into one decadent treatment.  We use only the most pure grade of healing essential oils, allowing your body to absorb quality it needs.  Relaxing, balancing and detoxifying.  We complete the experience with a detox tea in our lounge.  This relaxing and detoxifnying  is excellent for a body in need of cleansing, rest & replenishment.

Cost Plan  
$119/60 Min Foot & Scalp Massage w Essential Oils


Exclusively at Zenbar Healing Studio. Call 905.844.4800 to reserve your spot today.


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