Pilates Reformer

The Reformer uses springs, pulleys, bars and straps to perform hundreds of movements in a variety of sequences. This challenging class focuses on breathing, body alignment and core strength while improving coordination and balance.

Our Reformer Classes are small, intimate and very hands on.  The maximum attendance in each class is 5 and we offer a selection of class times to accommodate private study.  We will focus on building flexibility, muscle strength and endurance in the legs, abs, arms and back. Reformer machines can be used in rehabilitation, dance training, modified mat activities due to injury or advanced exercises for intermediate Pilates mat participants.  Expect a very personalized, hands on approach to teaching and alignment.

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Learning the machine’s function and building your own coordination and core strength can take time. We recommend that all participants start their Reformer training with a beginner drop-in class so we can identify your skill level and pair you with an appropriate group. This class holds only 4 people so there is a very personalized, hands on approach to teaching and alignment. – 55 Min.


For those who have previous experience on the Reformer, you will enjoy our small group (max 4 people) classes where we will use props like the rebound tramp and advanced moves to continue challenging your practice. – 55 Min.