Classes & Workshops

Movement is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle! That is why we incorporate classes and workshops into our suite of healing services. Whether it is a Private Salt Cave Yoga or an Evening Candlelit Meditation, we have a range of options suit all fitness levels (including beginner) and needs. Our Mat Classes include everything listed under Mat Classes. Our specialty classes include Salt Cave Sessions and Reformer Pilates, which are subject to additional charge.

We provide mats, bolsters, blocks and towels for all classes. You will not need to bring anything other than a bottle to hold your water so you can stay hydrated during your session. For all classes including your salt cave sessions, yoga clothing is best. We will provide blankets but you may wish to bring a sweater for meditation or hypnosis sessions as relaxation can cause your body temperature to lower.

Our class sizes are small, always less than 10 people maximum capacity.  There is no right or wrong way to practice, only your way. Learn by watching and listening to the teacher and to your own body. If you feel dizzy or out of breath during your class please stop, take a rest and join when you feel ready. Don’t compare yourself to others, this is your unique journey and our studio is without judgment or comparison.

Our healing space was designed to treat the body with peace, relaxation and respite from the outside world. We ask all guests to turn off celphones and leave them in the locker upon arrival at the spa. We ask that voices are kept to a quiet hush and everyone is respectful of the variety of healing that is occurring in our rooms.

We have private classes available for REFORMER, SALT CAVE and STUDIO.

See Our Updated Winter DROP IN Schedule here.

Winter Class Schedule